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Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Mumbai


Dr. Sagar Mundada is One of the Most Popular Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Mumbai. Dr. Sagar having more than 10 years of experience in Psychology and Psychotherapy. In our clinic, we have done the treatment of more thousands of patients. We work to reduce the patients mental and physical health-related problems. Our modern therapy helps the patients to recover from there problems as fast as possible.

Dr. Sagar Mundada –


in Mumbai

We all get ill at some point in our lives. Weaknesses, diseases, and other physical diseases are simply a part of life. Some of these problems are generated by micro-organisms and some by genetic factors. During the last few years, however, scientists and doctors are finding that some physical maladies may also be caused or worsened by mental, emotional, and social factors.

Psychologists in Mumbai provide a non-traditional approach to understanding our health. One purpose of this field is to inform and educate people, helping them understand that they can take control of their overall well-being. When patients understand how and why their bodies are responding to physical problems, they are better able to accept solutions. Health psychologists can help patients like Rick manage chronic conditions or help them find ways to avoid preventable diseases by living a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, health psychology is where medicine and psychology work together to mediate the relationship between disease, thought, and behaviour.

Dr. Sagar Mundada – Psychotherapist in Mumbai

Psychotherapy means treating mental health problems by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or another mental health advisor. Psychotherapy means treatment of mental or emotional illness by talking about problems rather than by using medicine or drugs. We help clients overcome a wide scope of concerns. These concerns range from emotional challenges to psychiatric troubles. Wetypically meet with clients on a regular basis (once a week is considered the norm).

Psychotherapists in Mumbai help people to defeat their health problems, emotional problems and cope with tough situations using a range of psychological treatments, such as hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho dynamic therapy, etc. Psychotherapist Dr. Sagar also maintaining records, tracking their service user’s progress, and writing reports. Weprovide a supportive atmosphere to talk openly and privately about concerns and feelings. Psychologist and Psychotherapist consider maintaining your confidentiality extremely necessary and will answer your questions regarding those rare situations when private information must be shared.

Our process methodology contributes a lot in the success ratio we have been able to achieve. We have devised a methodology in the industries of medical organisation which enables us to execute our procedures in a well organised and rationalised manner. Our professionals make sure that they abide by the business ethics and methodologies to execute the given tasks efficiently and on time. The essence of our working is to evaluate and assess the working mode of our clients organisation and then provide them with valuable consultancy for guiding them in the right direction.

Listening and talking to people is the essence of Psychotherapy; talking to those with issues that are too heavy for them to bear alone, their problems and anxieties are most likely overwhelming for them. Your aim will be to help and understand these process methodology contributes a lot in the success ration.

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